B.Duck riding trolley case

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Adjustable aluminum alloy pull rod
The trolley case adopts 3-speed adjustable trolley, made of thickened aluminum alloy metal, which is smooth to pull and close, comfortable to the touch, and less shaking. The built-in shock absorption design provides a more stable state for the luggage and a longer service life.

TPE silent universal wheel
Using TPE thermoplastic elastic material, it has the characteristics of high strength and high elasticity, low noise during use, and 360-degree rotation freely. It is suitable for various common road conditions such as cement roads, asphalt roads, and tile roads.

Reinforced box structure design
The front and back of the box are designed with two large wheels and integrated pedals, the seat is reinforced with concave lines, and adjustable elastic seat belts are used at both ends, which is strong and safe at the same time, and parents can use it with confidence.

Three digit combination lock
A three-digit combination lock is used to protect your luggage. B.Duck customizes the hardware slider to highlight the charm of the brand and guarantee authenticity.

A new plan to save money on travel
A B.Duck car riding trolley case is equivalent to having a scooter and a suitcase at the same time. The baby can use it as a toy car, which can save space and play. It is not afraid that the baby will be tired and unable to walk when traveling. It is money-saving and convenient.

Box design concept
Inspired by children’s toy cars, the combination of trolley cases and children’s toy cars, combined with B.Duck’s cute and interesting pattern elements, makes it easier and more fun to take children out.



B.DUCK print sweatshirt

hooded sweater

A B.DUCK printed sweater, for you who love the little yellow duck~ Simple and capable, looks thin and easy to wear and not easy to get dirty, cotton skin-friendly fabric, comfortable and breathable, refreshing and versatile, the brand’s original big print on the chest, cute and cute , fashion age reduction

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The hooded design is breathable and comfortable, keeping you warm and cold. Stylish sweater is in the lead, simple and elegant hooded design, soft fabric

Playful printing, front letters and other pattern design, Tianxin quality, every detail shows the trendy brand

Classic drawstring . The classic drawstring on the clothes adds a sense of agility to the clothes and is stylishly decorated

Neat hem, natural trim, exquisite workmanship, neat lines, neat and capable style without restraint.




The Best Lipsticks That Look and Feel Amazing

Lipstick trends and innovations for 2022

“With mask-on policy still a part of most of our day, eyes have taken center stage with high wattage shimmer,” says Chanel makeup artist Tasha Reiko Brown. But that doesn’t mean lips are staying out of the fun (in fact, data shows lipsticks still have a place in our beauty arsenal, particularly as more people get vaccinated and don’t need to wear masks in certain outdoor public settings, according to CDC guidelines). “I’m very excited about the new all-in-one light reflecting high- shine bold pigment lip textures,” Brown continues. “I love that lips are continuing that energy with maximum pigment and shine.” She recommends swiping on Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom in Dream, which has been her go-to this year for a dose of subtle color and shine.


LANCOME PARIS L’Absolu Rouge Cream R21

L’ABSOLU ROUGE Hydrating Lipstick in 132 Caprice (Cream)。0.12 oz (3.4g), Full Size

Bobbi Brown Lip Color 22 Sandwash Pink 

A creamy semi-matte lipstick。Leaves lips with a luminous shine and rich full coverage。This formula moisturizes and comforts lips

liquid foundation

Best liquid foundation for Mature Skin

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As beauty writers and editors, our standards are high (sometimes unrealistically so) when it comes to our products. But that doesn’t mean they have to be pricey, because the best drugstore foundations seamlessly lay the groundwork for all of our other makeup products.

As much as we love a good no-makeup day, sometimes we want the extra coverage to even out our complexions and to act as a base for the rest of our cosmetics routines. But not all foundations can get the job done without creasing, caking, or flaking — the marker of a great foundation is one you can’t really tell is there, after all. And while it’d be great if we could bathe ourselves in luxurious formulations with $50+ price tags, our wallets aren’t always as big of fans as we are. 

You might be of the mentality that you get what you pay for with makeup, but that’s definitely not true — at least, not anymore, thanks to these picks from Allure Best of Beauty-winning brands like Blk/Opl and CoverGirl. Throw away your preconceived notions about drugstore base makeup, because we’re here to give them the hype they deserve. 

PHOERA Foundation 104 and 105 & Face Primer

  • ➤【Full Coverage Foundation:】- Lightweight, waterproof and highly pigmented, instantly hides blemishes .Provides matte coverage that stays true up to 24 hours.
  • ➤【Cruelty-free Cosmetics】100% cruelty-free, We believe animals belong in our arms, not in a lab; We don’t test any of our products on animals.Proud to be 100% vegan and cruelty-free, worldwide.
  • ➤【Premium and Soft Bristles: 】- The bristles of cosmetic brushes are well made of premium synthetic fiber, super soft and dense, no shedding, no skin hurting, suitable for even the sensitive skin. Soft but firm to apply makeup. It provides a high definition finish with liquid, powders or cream foundation without any absorption of product and no shedding.One essential brush set gives you a flawless makeup finish.
  • ➤【Hand -Crafted and durable: 】- The handles of makeup brush kit are made of high quality wooden material and high-performance copper ferrule with skillful craftsmanship, ensure for long time use. This classic design handle is soft and comfortable to hold without slip.



B.Duck join hands with Luddy

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User pain points include actual pain points and emotional pain points. The actual pain point is “the child needs outdoor activities and needs a balance car”, and the emotional pain point is “hope the child grows up healthily”. The emotional pain point includes the actual pain point. one cent.

As post-95 trendy parents become the main force in childcare, their childcare and consumption concepts are more advanced. Young parents’ recognition of products and brands has undergone new changes. They have begun to consider the needs and emotional resonance that brands can bring from multiple dimensions. As a brand loved by young consumers, B. Following the trend of the times, we deeply understand the needs of consumers, create products that meet the needs of young parents and children, and accompany children to spend a healthy and happy childhood.


Recently, the brand of Luddy, authorized by B.Duck, was featured on “Harper’s Bazaar” and gained the attention of the industry and consumers. Six parents who have made achievements in different fields shared their stories of choosing B.Duck x Luddy, which made readers of “Harper’s Bazaar” feel the love and protection of parents for their children, thus forming a “product” Know-Like-Buy” closed loop.

Brands approaching and reaching users must be achieved by solving user pain points. User pain points include actual pain points and emotional pain points. The actual pain point is “the child needs outdoor activities and needs a balance car”, and the emotional pain point is “hope the child grows up healthily”. The emotional pain point includes the actual pain point. one cent. Therefore, it is a continuous and long-term pain point to let children grow up healthily, and only by grasping the emotional pain points can we subtly help build users’ minds, form emotional resonance, and build word-of-mouth for the brand.

Some professional parents also use their expertise to make their children’s life marathon more motivated. For example, the blogger Li Jieruo, an expert in sports medicine, told us that children aged 1-3 years old are the critical period for big sports, and we should arrange reasonable sports for babies; and the views of pediatrician Zeng Shaopeng, known as “white daddy”, once again confirmed The strong physique of children must rely on the combination of nutritional diet and exercise.

Through the sharing of experts and their choice of B.Duck Little Yellow Duck x Le’s as a tool to accompany their children’s growth, we can see that as parents, they respect their children’s individuality, are willing to listen to their ideas, and give them more outdoor activities. opportunities and space to explore freely.



Designer handbags are the ultimate status symbol. But with prices ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand, how do you know which “it” bag is right for you? We’ve searched high and low for the best designer handbags. The Prada leather handbag, for example, is sophisticated and timeless. So whether you’re looking for a new work bag or a weekend getaway bag, our top picks for the best designer handbags are sure to please.

Nine West Aidenne Satche


  • Add the topping to your outfit of the day by adding the Nine West Aidenne Satchel to the mix! Featuring a classic zip-closure satchel bag with double handles and adjustable arm-strap constructed with just enough space to bring all your essentials alo
  • 100% PVC;Lining: 100% polyeste


Women Handbag Wallet Tote Bag Shoulder Bag

  • [ High Quality Material ] This satchel bag for women is made of high quality VEGAN LEATHER (PU). Eco-friendly and No animals were harmed. Highly anti-scratch and tear-resistant, not easy to be out of shape.
  • [ Stylish Design ] Detailed with high quality gold tone hardware, zippers, bottom studs. Rolled leather top handles are very comfortable for carrying which are specially strengthened by durable metal decoration.
  • [ Functional Pockets ] One center compartments with zipper closure and two side pockets with magnetic snaps closure. One exterior zipper pockets. High capacity with lots of pockets can make your stuff well organized.
  • [ Dimension ] Approx. Size: 14″W x 10.5″H x 5″D. Ipad, small tablet, A4 files fit easily / Clutch Size: 9″x 6″ x 1”. Fit iphone 13 Max Pro easily. / Handle Drop Length: 6” / Come with a adjustable and removable shoulder strap.

Perfume would make a great holiday gift

When you need a holiday gift idea that’s sure to impress, there’s nothing better than treating her to a luxurious bottle of perfume. But how do you find the perfect fragrance among the many tempting and lovely options?

From floral to spicy to light and fresh, we’ve researched the best fragrances for women so you don’t have to. From a great selection of fragrances from Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Byredo, you’re sure to find the one that suits you best below. Be sure to check out our roundup of the best fragrances. Need more gift ideas?

Mauboussin – Original Femme 100ml (3.3 Fl Oz)

  • Mauboussin Original Femme is Mauboussin’s first fragrance for women. The top note is a refreshing fruit cocktail that energizes a heart of enchanting jasmine. In the background, the ambergris note leaves a sensual and incomparable trail on the skin. In its faceted bottle like a custom-cut diamond, this fragrance extends the magic of the precious stones that adorn the Mauboussin woman.
  • A UNIQUE PERFUME: first female perfume created by Mauboussin, this fragrance is for sensual and refined women.
  • A JEWEL BOTTLE: a faceted bottle like a custom-made diamond … an absolute symbol of luxury.
  • A TIMELESS SCENT: the head note is a refreshing fruit cocktail which energizes a haunting jasmine heart. In the background, the ambergris leaves a sensual and incomparable wake on the skin.
  • FRUITY AND ORIENTAL OLFACTORY NOTES: Head note: golden plum. Heart note: jasmine of India. Bottom note: ambergris.

Mauboussin – Rose Pour Elle 100ml (3.3 Fl Oz) 

  • Mauboussin Rose Pour Elle is a fresh, sensual and modern Eau de Parfum. At the top, the freshness of blackcurrant buds is illuminated by a cocktail of citrus and pitaya. A floral heart, built around magnolia and jasmine, reveals the sumptuous essences of Turkish rose. An amber-musky base provides depth and sensuality to this fragrance by Mauboussin Parfums.
  • A UNIQUE PERFUME: an Eau De Parfum both fresh, sensual, and modern, which celebrates the rose … Queen of flowers with universal and timeless scents.
  • A JEWEL BOTTLE: a 4-branch star flask, emblematic symbol of the brand. Pass your finger through the ring of this perfume and unite for the eternity.
  • A TIMELESS SCENT: in the head note, the freshness of the blackcurrant bud lights up with a cocktail of citrus fruits and pitaya. A floral heart built in lace around the magnolia and jasmine, reveals the sumptuous essences of Turkish rose. The amber-musk bottom gives depth and sensuality to this fragrance, a chic and modern rose scent, signed Mauboussin Parfums.

Have fun in life and work hard to be a B.Duck

A pair of twinkling glasses, fleshy orange lips and a round belly, and a pointy “haircut”, B.Duck unconsciously infected us with this exuberant image for 10 years, no matter from The original bathtub, money pot, or the clothes on the body make our life happy in this yellow trend. The duck father, Eddie Hui, the creator of B.Duck, has the same hairstyle and exudes positive energy, and continues to claim to “work hard to be a duck” to interpret the brand spirit of Be Playful. It is also Eddie’s instilling the playful life attitude of duck son B.Duck in the past 10 years, from design, production to retail, that has achieved the veritable duck kingdom that has been in operation for 10 years, and has gradually made B.Duck a fashion Lifestyle products and well-known brands. When B.Duck was 10 years old, Eddie’s father was full of love, and he must have loved Duck’s son very much, and once again brought us to know his son B.Duck.

It has always been said that “eyes are the windows to the soul”, let alone B.Duck who is good at showing off cuteness, so the two black eyes are specially designed to look watery, and no matter where B.Duck looks, the white dots in the eyes It must be in the upper left corner of the eyeball. Although the characteristics are not as interesting as other details, but with B.Duck 10 years unchanged, it also makes B.Duck still look like an innocent and lively child 10 years later, always so carefree.

tip from dad

What most distinguishes B.Duck from other common ducks is its unique hairstyle. In order to make the B.Duck he gave to his son more like himself, Eddie simply added his own “pinch of hair” design on the top of B.Duck’s head. Since then, the duck son B.Duck has got the duck father Eddie’s inheritance, and Eddie himself has maintained this most striking hairstyle for 10 years.



B.Duck Little Yellow Duck Crusoe

On January 16, China’s original IP B.Duck released a brand short film “B.Duck’s Drifting Story”, which uses the drifting of a little yellow duck as the story line to connect the development process of the brand since its birth. The film creatively and interestingly uses the first-person perspective of the little yellow duck to reshape the brand story and interpret the brand’s optimistic and positive Be Playful spirit.

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A Chinese IP brand born of love

Mr. Xu Xialin (Eddie HUI), the founder of the B.Duck little yellow duck brand, was born in an overseas Chinese family. After his parents returned to China, he opened a factory in Huizhou, Guangdong, and undertook the toy OEM business. The growth experience accompanied by the factory and the industrialist feelings of his parents had a profound impact on him. When he was studying in the UK, he gradually came up with the idea of creating an original brand belonging to China.

In 1992, the story of plastic ducklings drifting around the world ignited Eddie’s creative inspiration. Eddie’s son was born in 2005. He hoped to give his son a unique gift to accompany the child’s growth, so he created the IP image of B.Duck.

The letter B of B.Duck stands for Bathing, which means the little yellow duck that accompanies the bath in the bathroom. B.Duck has big twinkling eyes, smiling lips, and the same recognizable pointed hair style as Eddie. Now Eddie is affectionately called “Duck Dad” by “Duck Fans”.

Swim from a small bathroom into thousands of households

B.Duck was born in a small bathroom. In the past 17 years, it has transformed into different forms of products and entered thousands of households, bringing happiness and love to thousands of friends, big and small. So far, B.Duck has more than 18 million fans around the world. Some fans go from school to the workplace accompanied by B.Duck; .Duck parent-child outfit; some trendy game lovers have a house full of B.Duck.

Through the daily casual sharing of B.Duck loyal fans in the brand film, it can be seen that young people’s love for IP characters stems from part of their self-projection, and Lotte’s positive Be Playful spirit can represent their attitude towards the world.

electric blanket

Best King-Sized Electric Blankets With Dual Controls

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Maintaining an optimal room temperature is crucial for getting good sleep at night. And with the best king-sized electric blankets with dual controls, you can wrap yourself in the level of warmth and coziness that puts you right into an undisturbed slumber. These blankets come with multiple heat settings and convenient features such as automatic shutoff and preheating to offer an optimum sleeping environment.

Check out our roundup of the best electric blankets for king-sized beds that are super-soft, extra handy, and perfect for two people.




Sunbeam Royal Ultra Admiral Blue Heated Blanket – Queen

  • Easy to use electric blanket with digital controller, with 10 heat settings and preheat feature and 10-hour auto-shut off function for peace of mind
  • Soft, comfy and cozy royal ultra for ideal warmth and comfort, elegant admiral blue color
  • 90″ x 84″, Queen size
  • Perfect for layering and pre-heating bed sheets on chilly nights
  • Machine washable and dryer safe for easy care, 100% Polyester

Westinghouse Electric Blanket Heated Throw Blanket


  • 【ETL and FCC Certified】 Our heated blanket have 6 Heating levels for different people needs. 2-10 Hours time setting, overheat protection ensure your safety during normal use. Please read the instructions carefully before use heated blanket to avoid local overheating caused by improper use.
  • 【Soft Cozy Material 】 The side with 200GSM printed red plaid microfiber and the other side with 200GSM white Sherpa. The heating blanket is suitable for use during work, on couch or sofa while watching television, reading books, relaxing and bring you a warm and comfortable life experience.
  • 【Fast & Memory Heating Design 】 This Heated throw blanket is programmed with a pre-heat procedure for quick heat distribution when you turn on it , and revert automatically to the last comfort level setting used. Promotes blood circulation for therapeutic heat relief, warm and relax your body to relieve fatigue. Combat the shivers with electric throw blanket of warmth and comfort!
  • 【Machine Washable】 The electric blanket is very convenient to clean and care. Just unplug the controller and toss it into the washing machine. We also made it dryer safe for more easy and convenient cleaning.