What is the best gift for a friend? Gift Giving Tips – Five Secrets

What is the best gift for a friend? Gift Giving Tips - Five Secrets

How to give a gift to a friend?
Many friends will ask me how to give gifts to friends, which will make people unforgettable and deepen their affection for them. I think the biggest skill is sincerity, so I think I have a little experience in choosing gifts. Let me introduce to you below.

1. Send something that the other party has inadvertently mentioned, and you will win with one move.
Once a group of friends went out and passed a shoe store, I just stared at a pair of shoes and said: It’s so beautiful. At this time, my friend saw it, and he told the store owner that he bought these shoes for him.
You will be very happy when you receive these things. If you save others by yourself, you will give these things to others, and others will feel very, very happy. He can be casual, you can’t be casual. When I often go shopping with my friends, I pay attention to those things that he likes but he doesn’t buy. I will buy them secretly and give them to him.

2. Customize it for the other party.
It’s better to customize gifts specifically for each other. Giving gifts is to let others know that he is important in your heart and give him a sense of value. When other people really spend their most precious time making gifts for you, you will feel very special. So when you send a customized gift right, the other party will definitely remember it and like it very much.

What is the best gift for a friend? Gift Giving Tips - Five Secrets

3.Pick an unpopular time to give gifts.
When other people don’t give gifts, when you want to give gifts, you will feel that when you receive gifts at this time, it is just an ordinary day. He even gave me gifts, which shows that I am really a person worthy of your love. At this time, the gift itself is no longer important, it is the time node that is important. Of course, when everyone else is giving gifts, you have to give them too. There are strategies and tactics for gift-giving.

4. Sincere handwritten cards.
You have to be brave in expressing your appreciation, praise, love and concern for others. A real person card is the best way to show how much you value others. He really was happier than talking about anything priceless.

5. Express the reason for choosing the gift
Express your most sincere wishes, sincerity can move people the most


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