Tide cute B.duck airborne on the island

During the anniversary of “Peace Elite”, the game released a mysterious poster, in which a “mysterious guest” was hidden, which attracted the bold guesses of many special forces. On May 17, “Peace Elite” officially announced the “mysterious guest” – B.Duck! The two parties also officially announced that they will work together to carry out a trendy and cute brand joint project. The well-known Chinese trend IP “B.Duck Little Yellow Duck” will airborne on the island map on May 19, bringing you a cute and vivid summer surprise for all special forces.


A summer surprise, “Peace Elite” joins hands with B.Duck to interpret “fashionable”

As a national tactical competitive mobile game with a base of hundreds of millions of players, “Peace Elite” not only keeps improving the game content and continuously optimizes and upgrades, hoping to bring special forces a shocking and realistic mobile game shooting experience, but also cross-border in multiple fields. Cooperate with the world, and strive to let special forces experience rich and colorful game content. As early as a few days ago, B.Duck also officially announced a “mysterious poster”, which is full of “Peace Elite” elements. Now, “Peace Elite” officially announced that it will cooperate with B.Duck Little Yellow Duck. The cute little yellow duck, which symbolizes fashion and cuteness, is about to airborne on the “elite” battlefield. It is believed that many special forces will develop a “love of cuteness”, stop and interact to check in as a souvenir, and feel the strong trend culture.

The trendy IP is coming, and you are invited to enjoy the coolness together

B.Duck is the main brand of Semk Products Ltd, a famous product design company in Hong Kong, China. With its cute and cute image, B.Duck has a high reputation all over the world, and its image is used in different products, bringing fans full of fashionable and novel surprises. This time, “Peace Elite” will officially join hands with B.Duck Little Yellow Duck for cross-border cooperation. In-depth linkage inside and outside the game, and the naive Little Yellow Duck will also mysteriously appear in the game! Now that it is the season of hot summer, the little yellow duck floating in the sea will bring a different kind of cool experience to the special forces, so that the hot summer will no longer be hot!


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