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Rose (scientific name: Rosa rugosa) is a plant of the Rosaceae Rosaceae family,nd is a collective name for a series of large and gorgeous cultivars of the Rosaceae family in daily life. The rose is native to China. In ancient Chinese, the word “rose” originally meant red jade. Roses have long symbolized beauty and love.

Rose is a deciduous shrub with many acupuncture branches, odd-pinnate compound leaves, 5-9 leaflets, oval, with side thorns. The petals are obovate, double to semi-double, the flowers are purple-red, white, the fruiting period is August-September, and the oblate spherical. The branches are relatively weak and droopy and have dense thorns. The flowering period is only once a year, so it is rarely used for breeding. Recently, its main characteristics are disease resistance and cold resistance.
Rose likes sunny, cold and drought-resistant, likes well-drained, loose and fertile loam or light loam, and grows poorly in clay loam and blooms poorly. It should be planted in a well-ventilated place far away from the wall to prevent sunlight reflection, burn the buds and affect flowering.

Rose is a positive plant, and the color is strong and the fragrance is strong when the sun is full. In the growing season, when the sunshine is less than 8 hours, it will grow leggy and not bloom. The requirements for air humidity are not very strict, rust and powdery mildew occur when the temperature is low and the humidity is high; the air is required to have a certain humidity during the flowering season; the oil production rate will decrease when the temperature is dry. Rose does not have strict requirements on the pH of the soil, and it can grow normally in slightly acidic soil to slightly alkaline soil. Snow-covered areas in winter can tolerate low temperatures from -38°C to -40°C, and areas without snow coverage can also tolerate low temperatures from -25°C to -30°C, but they are not resistant to the dry winds of early spring. In areas where the soil has not been thawed and the ground is windy, the branches are often blown dry by the wind; if the soil has been thawed, the roots continue to transport water and nutrients to the stems, and the wind cannot cause serious damage. Areas with a dryness greater than 4 require irrigation conditions for normal development.

Roses are also one of the best gifts for girlfriends. Next, I will recommend some of the most beautiful roses to you.

LINKLO Rose Bear Rose Teddy Bear

  • ★size: Rose Teddy Bear with 10 inches of packaging gift box
  • ★Product details: The whole rose bear is handmade from hundreds of artificial roses. The overall appearance of the flower-shaped bear makes it look cute and romantic.
  • ★Gift box packaging:We use transparent and exquisite gift box packaging, the packaging style is simple but elegant, which can make your girlfriend or family members clear at a glance, full of sincerity and love.
  • ★Applicable occasions: Our rose bear is exquisite and cute, very suitable for giving to girlfriend, so that she can feel the romantic atmosphere. Besides, it is also suitable as the best gift for Mother’s Day, birthday and anniversary.

Preserved Red Real Rose with I Love You Necklace 


  • 100% Real Rose: Preserved Red Rose is made of nature fresh rose. Eternal flower, forever love, anniversary gift for her
  • Jewel Case: Heart 100 languages I LOVE YOU necklace in Hidden inside Bottom of the box, which means there are 100 love ways. As an exquisite luxury gift, it can also store other jewelry or rings
  • Long Lifespan and Easy To Care: Keep the real rose in a cool place, without management, can be stored for 3-5 years. Your lover will feel happy every day looking at it
  • Romantic Gifts for Her: The Most Romantic Surprise Gifts for Wife, Girlfriend, Mother, Daughter, Grandma, Mom on Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Wedding, Anniversary Gift for Her, Marriage Proposals, New Year’s Day, Birthday or other Holiday Occasions Gift ideas for Women

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