Quanyou X B.Duck launches joint children’s furniture series

Childhood is always full of lively and interesting ideas and unrestrained imagination. In this happy time, there are carefree innocence, small partners who grow up together, and curious yearning for the future. Home is a paradise for every child to enjoy this precious time, and it also carries the irreplaceable warmth and companionship in the process of children’s healthy growth.

Home has DUCK love, life is more love! Quanyou and the well-known brand B.Duck have joined forces to bring together new products of children’s furniture series. With cute and cute new home furnishing shapes and safe and healthy innovative product designs, the sunshine is injected into childhood, and joy and growth are accompanied by , let the home become the exclusive paradise for children.

Quanyou X B.Duck launches joint children's furniture series

As a world-renowned brand, B.Duck is not only a familiar cartoon image, but also a good partner for a happy life. The sunny, warm and cute little yellow duck is popular among “children” all over the world with its cute and funny shape

Quanyou X B.Duck launches joint children's furniture series

Taking “creating a better home life” as the corporate mission, over the years, Quanyou has been committed to creating a warm and beautiful home living environment for thousands of families. Children are the joy and hope of the family. In the process of developing and designing children’s homes, Quanyou always adheres to the perspective and perspective of children. Interesting design, bringing more happy experiences to children’s childhood, this is also the case for the joint cooperation between Quanyou and B.Duck Little Yellow Duck.

Childhood is always warm and bright. In terms of color, the new children’s home products such as children’s beds, wardrobes and storage cabinets jointly launched by Quanyou and B.Duck are all bright orange and yellow with pure white, bringing lively warmth The visual perception makes the fun time more brilliant.

Quanyou X B.Duck launches joint children's furniture series

In terms of shape, this new joint product integrates the cute little yellow duck image into the design, bringing a different cute and interesting experience. The children’s bed screen in the shape of a little yellow duck is full of fun and unforgettable at first sight. The four bed feet are replaced by a cute duck foot shape instead of the conventional bed foot design, plus the small bedside table in the style of “sandwiched cube”, which makes the cute B.Duck turns into a dream guardian angel and captures the hearts of children.



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