plush dog toys for soft, friendly play

Does your dog prefer to cuddle or carry around his toys rather than chew or shake them?

A plush toy may be the perfect toy for your gentle pooch!

Plush toys are super-soft, cuddly and are a popular choice for games of indoor fetch or just to keep your pup company.

All up, we tested over 60 different plush toys, playing hundreds of games of fetch, spent hours watching our dogs carry and interact with them, and laid them alongside our pooped-out pooches as they napped.

Here are just a few of the different dog-proof plush toys we reviewed…

We reviewed each for their durability, quality and suitability for breeds. All to answer one simple question:

Which plush toy is best for your dog?

Want the answer? Then read on!


Best All-Round Plush Toy

Multiple plush toys in one! Your dog will be entertained as he attempts to pull the squeaky squirrels out of their log home.

Does your dog chase squirrels every time you go for a walk? Then your pooch will love the Hide-A-Squirrel by Outward Hound.

The Hide-A-Squirrel is known as a puzzle plush toy. You load each squirrel into a hole and then give it to your dog. Your dog will be entertained as he burrows his snout into each hole in an attempt to grab each squirrel. All our testers loved it!


Some dog owners go a step further and hide treats inside the log to keep their pooch busier for longer.

Oh, and as if your dog needed more encouragement, each squirrel has its own squeaker. Every time our testers heard the squeak, they excitedly doubled their efforts to remove the squirrel from the log.

Either the squirrels or logs can be played with separately too. The variety of this plush toy makes it our top pick for most dogs.


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