LT DUCK little yellow duck sports shoes for children

For children, on the premise of ensuring comfort in daily dressing, it is very necessary to make appropriate fashion design, so as to benefit the body and mind and get more warm love. LT DUCK design children’s shoes to pay attention to the presentation of quality, not only must be fashionable and eye-catching enough, but also strive to achieve a light and elastic, comfortable and non-tiring experience, so as to make the foot development more healthy.

LT DUCK little yellow duck sports shoes for children

Present trendy children’s sports shoes. The black smudge of the main body makes the children’s shoes have a unique personality and tension. It is the exquisite tailoring of details, so that every subtle outline can be carved into a design full of deep meaning. With the pumping of power, it will explode Youthful vitality. The hollowed-out mesh shoe upper has strong air permeability, and the feet will not be stuffy after long-term wear. The slightly raised toe cap protects the toes from being impacted by foreign objects.

Fashionable and trendy sports children’s shoes are a complete fusion of colors and printing forms, presenting a more passionate and dynamic design, emphasizing the fashion atmosphere of children’s shoes, and making the sports field more powerful. The leather upper with good water resistance is not easy to shed in the sun, and the stains can be washed off with a light wipe. The collision between colors shows the child’s sunny temperament, which is lively and charming.

The printing is made in the form of water droplets, and the trendy design of filling children’s shoes is more trendy and high-end. The transition of blue and purple is well connected, so that the brand logo printing is delicately embedded in it. The upper is made of skin-friendly and extensible fabric, which is soft and not easy to deform, and has good traceability. The thick bottoming has strong grip, and it is light and not bulky to wear. It is more fun to run freely.

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