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Finding your signature scent is kind of like hunting for the perfect pair of shoes — there are tons of choices available in fancy packaging that might match certain moods or occasions. And you’ll have to kiss a lot of proverbial frogs (or sniff some unpleasant scents) to get your Cinderella moment. But choosing your go-to perfume doesn’t have to be a royal hassle, as there are easy ways (more on that at the end) to pinpoint the one that is the right fit for your needs.

Without further adieu, here are the best perfumes for women that are floral, spicy, fruity, sexy, and undeniably timeless.

Nautica Classic Eau de Toilette for Men 

Founded in 1983, Nautica is a leading global lifestyle brand rooted in Nautical heritage with products ranging from men’s, women’s and children’s apparel and accessories to a home collection. Nautica products are classics that are rich in performance, color and authentic style. Nautica, inspired by the water, crafted with intention, and designed to outfit the life well-lived.

Nautica Classic EDT for men is for the seafarer in you. Spray on for a taste of salty surf, the tangy scent of the sea and golden sunshine. With citrusy and bergamot top notes, sage and rose heart notes and ambrosia, musk and sandalwood base notes, the fragrance exudes an unmistakable sensual masculinity.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Eau de Toilette Spray for Women

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Eau de Toilette Spray for Women

Light and airy, Daisy Dream captivates with its delectably fruity and floral personality.

From the first hints of blackberry, Daisy Dream draws you in with her easy charm and an irresistibly feminine mix of jasmine flower and blue wisteria drying down to a dreamy finish of white woods.


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