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From its modest origins as a small pouch stuffed into the layers of women’s clothing two hundred years ago to becoming one of women’s most wanted and cherished belongings, the way a luxurious bag makes us feel goes further than just being a means of hauling items.

Nowadays, we’re keen on investing more in a handbag than in a vacation or even a car, and we expect the rest of the world to recognize it. However, why do we find bags so appealing?

It’s partially because handbags have evolved into a public expression of a woman’s status, fashion sense, and financial strength, and their rise in prominence over the last century has paralleled their owner’s growing social freedom. Handbags aren’t just show-stoppers, even though their design and refinement play a big part in how we dress daily.

Most women of modern times do not fit into the restricted paradigms of the past, and the majority will agree that it’s difficult to be unique while also fitting in. Thus, there may be a path for both, one that is depicted by the “Perfect Handbag.”

CHICAROUSAL Purses and Handbags

Pair it with any style of handbag

  • Different Ways to Carry: Purses for Women,Handbags for Women, Leather Tote, Shoulder Bag,Crossbody bag,Satchel. Perfect for Dating,Shopping,Working,Traveling, Vocation, Party and Other Occasions
  • Synthetic Material: Made of Quality Durable Synthetic Leather (100% eco-friendly. No animals were harmed) with Gold Tone Hardware
  • Removable Crossbody Shoulder Strap with Adjustable Drop of 13-25″
  • Two Interior Compartments,Interior Two Zippered Pocket and Two Slip Pockets,Exterior Back Pockets

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