Classic B.Duck Kids Backpack

B.Duck, born in 2005, was inspired by the “Duck Rafting Incident” in 1992. Up to now, B.Duck is like a duckling drifting at that time, drifting to all corners of the world with the trend of the trend. Its fashion sense, fresh and colorful, innovative and fun spirit are warmly sought after by young fashionistas around the world.
As an international first-line trendy brand, B.Duck represents the trend, playfulness and innovation. Everyday necessities can be integrated into design to beautify life. The unique creative products break through the limitations of size and material by combining different materials, and skillfully integrate fashion, happiness, color and innovation into every corner of life. For all age groups, B.Duck symbolizes a kind of “Be Playful”, which is the spirit of fashion, happiness, colorfulness and innovation, and likes to share happiness and fun with everyone and bring happiness to everyone!

B.Duck little yellow duck children’s schoolbags, fashionable, fresh and colorful, innovative and fun spirit is sought after by countless hipsters. Create a brand image with cute, smart, stylish and rich colors. The main color of yellow shows the vitality of the brand, boldly innovates and highlights the brand personality and enhances the brand recognition. The bright and fresh warm tone conveys the positive energy of the brand’s happiness.

Here are a few good-looking little yellow duck schoolbags recommended for you

B.Duck Toddler Backpack for Girls

B.Duck 3D Duckbill Brings Happiness to Babies

B.Duck Duckbill is a classic element of the brand. The smile and toot convey the spirit of happiness and optimism, which is loved by everyone. B.Duck uses innovative classic elements to accompany the baby to travel safely.

B.Duck is gentle and kind and has a sunny personality. Always carefree, lively and cheerful.

He’s smart, fun, love to travel, and likes to behave out of the ordinary. He loves popcorn, ice cream, and chocolate, but salmon has always been his favorite.




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