B.Duck school gift pack

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After a whole vacation, it’s time to get ready for the new semester~ B.Duck, the little yellow duck, turned into a cute “cute friend” and accompanied everyone back to school with a brand new look.

A cute and practical bag, definitely a good partner for school, you can try B.Duck’s Wink3D duckbill bag. B.Duck duckbill is the classic element of the brand, and the smiling and pouty mouth conveys a happy and optimistic spirit. And B.Duck innovatively applies classic elements to this bag, which can easily handle various occasions such as going to school, picnics, outings and so on.



In the school season, do you have a laptop? B.Duck computer bag can provide the safest protection for the computer. This computer bag has two styles of bee and rabbit. The appearance is cute and cute. It also comes with a honey pot and a fashionable storage bag in the shape of a carrot. It can be disassembled separately and can be used to store small items such as mouse and change. It is beautiful and practical. The weight of this baby is only 370G, as light as a thin wing, and it feels perfect in the hand. Girls with little strength don’t have to worry! The material is made of 70% moisture-proof neoprene and 30% polyester cloth, which is soft and comfortable, and can protect the computer from moisture. , refuse to bump and wear.

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