B.Duck riding trolley case

B.Duck riding trolley case

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Adjustable aluminum alloy pull rod
The trolley case adopts 3-speed adjustable trolley, made of thickened aluminum alloy metal, which is smooth to pull and close, comfortable to the touch, and less shaking. The built-in shock absorption design provides a more stable state for the luggage and a longer service life.

TPE silent universal wheel
Using TPE thermoplastic elastic material, it has the characteristics of high strength and high elasticity, low noise during use, and 360-degree rotation freely. It is suitable for various common road conditions such as cement roads, asphalt roads, and tile roads.

B.Duck riding trolley case

Reinforced box structure design
The front and back of the box are designed with two large wheels and integrated pedals, the seat is reinforced with concave lines, and adjustable elastic seat belts are used at both ends, which is strong and safe at the same time, and parents can use it with confidence.

Three digit combination lock
A three-digit combination lock is used to protect your luggage. B.Duck customizes the hardware slider to highlight the charm of the brand and guarantee authenticity.

A new plan to save money on travel
A B.Duck car riding trolley case is equivalent to having a scooter and a suitcase at the same time. The baby can use it as a toy car, which can save space and play. It is not afraid that the baby will be tired and unable to walk when traveling. It is money-saving and convenient.

Box design concept
Inspired by children’s toy cars, the combination of trolley cases and children’s toy cars, combined with B.Duck’s cute and interesting pattern elements, makes it easier and more fun to take children out.


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