B.DUCK print sweatshirt

hooded sweater

A B.DUCK printed sweater, for you who love the little yellow duck~ Simple and capable, looks thin and easy to wear and not easy to get dirty, cotton skin-friendly fabric, comfortable and breathable, refreshing and versatile, the brand’s original big print on the chest, cute and cute , fashion age reduction

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The hooded design is breathable and comfortable, keeping you warm and cold. Stylish sweater is in the lead, simple and elegant hooded design, soft fabric

Playful printing, front letters and other pattern design, Tianxin quality, every detail shows the trendy brand

Classic drawstring . The classic drawstring on the clothes adds a sense of agility to the clothes and is stylishly decorated

Neat hem, natural trim, exquisite workmanship, neat lines, neat and capable style without restraint.



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