B.Duck luggage children’s trolley case

B.Duck luggage children's trolley case

Super high value, trendy choice. Cute shape, in line with the baby’s aesthetics
Housekeeping compulsory course, storage of beloved toys. Cultivate your baby’s good habit of picking up from an early age

Backpack for outdoor travel。Adjustable strap, instantly transforms into a backpack。Stack storage does not take up space to make room for life

A small body with a big belly hides the little secret of the baby。Large-capacity neat storage, say goodbye to littering。A box of multi-purpose packs into the cute baby’s daily life。Clothes, books, snacks, toys storage


B.Duck luggage children's trolley case

Smooth pulley push, smooth and not bumpy。Smooth wheel surface, unimpeded sliding consignment。Persevere in details and stick to ingenuity. Even in the few square centimeters you can’t see, you must be strict with yourself at the source。


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