B.Duck Little Yellow Duck × “Fifth Personality” linkage online

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On December 23, China’s original IP B.Duck Little Yellow Duck × NetEase’s first 1V4 asymmetrical competitive mobile game “Fifth Personality” linkage officially opened. As an original IP brand in China, B.Duck Little Yellow Duck has always been loved by young consumers with its cute and cute image, and B.Duck has been constantly exploring new ways to play. This game linkage covers both online and offline. Part, can make players addicted

Unlock new images and play new tricks

The image of this linkage is the most popular image of wearing No. 26 guard rare costume “B.Duck” and mercenary rare costume “B.Duck Tide”. The former uses stained white napkins, button eyes, exposed cotton balls and fishbone weapon elements such as the little yellow duck, which not only continues the absurd Gothic art style of “The Fifth Identity”, but also retains the classic appearance of the little yellow duck, lightening the It improves the horror atmosphere of the game and makes players feel more fun in the process of chasing.

B.Duck Little Yellow Duck ×

The latter highlights the trendy style of “The Fifth Personality” and B.Duck. The black and green color contrast closely follows the fashion trend, the dreadlocks show a unique personality, and the skateboard he carries with him is full of sports style. Visual representation of the chase in the game.

B.Duck Little Yellow Duck ×

As a Chinese original IP brand, B.Duck has always been a cute and cute image, leading the trend. The linkage with “Fifth Personality” has broken through people’s perception of the image of the little yellow duck of B.Duck in the past, enhanced the interaction and communication with game players, and made the image of the little yellow duck of B.Duck more possible. It has better established an emotional connection with young people.

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