B.Duck little yellow duck records every moment of good time

For the ledger, the most important thing is to find the one that suits you. It is enough to make you feel happy and at ease when using it. B.Duck little yellow duck turned into a cartoon handbook, hardcover with colorful leather and magnetic buttons, the built-in pattern is very cute, and there are also a variety of inner page formats, suitable for work records, study plans, etc.

If you are interested in the culture of the Chinese Forbidden City, you may wish to choose the joint account book of B.Duck little yellow duck and the palace culture of the Forbidden City. The appearance is funny and soft. The B.Duck and the auspicious hibiscus pattern complement each other. The colors are bright and the hand feels very good. Smooth and delicate. It also has an air cushion feeling, wear resistance and drop resistance, and also sets a variety of inner page formats, which is also very good for travel records and life records

If you want to have all the handbook tools at once, you can also choose the B.Duck little yellow duck handbook stationery gift box. In addition to the high-grade fog-feeling handbook, it also comes with duck handbook glue, long tail clips, paper clips, Stapler and post-it notes, etc., are fully equipped, and are good choices for gifts or personal use


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