B.Duck Little Yellow Duck Crusoe

On January 16, China’s original IP B.Duck released a brand short film “B.Duck’s Drifting Story”, which uses the drifting of a little yellow duck as the story line to connect the development process of the brand since its birth. The film creatively and interestingly uses the first-person perspective of the little yellow duck to reshape the brand story and interpret the brand’s optimistic and positive Be Playful spirit.

B.Duck Little Yellow Duck Crusoe

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A Chinese IP brand born of love

Mr. Xu Xialin (Eddie HUI), the founder of the B.Duck little yellow duck brand, was born in an overseas Chinese family. After his parents returned to China, he opened a factory in Huizhou, Guangdong, and undertook the toy OEM business. The growth experience accompanied by the factory and the industrialist feelings of his parents had a profound impact on him. When he was studying in the UK, he gradually came up with the idea of creating an original brand belonging to China.

In 1992, the story of plastic ducklings drifting around the world ignited Eddie’s creative inspiration. Eddie’s son was born in 2005. He hoped to give his son a unique gift to accompany the child’s growth, so he created the IP image of B.Duck.

B.Duck Little Yellow Duck CrusoeB.Duck Little Yellow Duck Crusoe

The letter B of B.Duck stands for Bathing, which means the little yellow duck that accompanies the bath in the bathroom. B.Duck has big twinkling eyes, smiling lips, and the same recognizable pointed hair style as Eddie. Now Eddie is affectionately called “Duck Dad” by “Duck Fans”.

Swim from a small bathroom into thousands of households

B.Duck was born in a small bathroom. In the past 17 years, it has transformed into different forms of products and entered thousands of households, bringing happiness and love to thousands of friends, big and small. So far, B.Duck has more than 18 million fans around the world. Some fans go from school to the workplace accompanied by B.Duck; .Duck parent-child outfit; some trendy game lovers have a house full of B.Duck.

Through the daily casual sharing of B.Duck loyal fans in the brand film, it can be seen that young people’s love for IP characters stems from part of their self-projection, and Lotte’s positive Be Playful spirit can represent their attitude towards the world.

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