B.Duck interprets wonderful life with Be Playful spirit

B.Duck interprets wonderful life with Be Playful spirit

Since the birth of B.Duck, its IP image has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and no one can resist the charm of this duck. For people of all ages, B.Duck symbolizes a “Be Playful” attitude towards life, that is, a fashionable, happy, colorful and innovative spirit, and likes to share happiness and fun with everyone!

B.Duck‘s positive and optimistic image can always bring joy to everyone, and constantly provide fashion products with distinctive personality and taste to meet the needs of young people who follow fashion trends, making the brand itself a trendy, fashionable, individual, creative, and childlike , inspirational representative.

The reason why B.Duck can continuously export the “Be Playful” attitude to life is that B.Duck itself is an IP brand full of joy and happiness. Every employee in the duck factory is full of enthusiasm and creativity. Be Playful The spirit runs through the entire corporate culture, which is why B.Duck is full of vitality.

Since B.Duck went public, it has faced many challenges, but B.Duck can always find opportunities in challenges to solve problems, and always adhere to the life attitude of Be Playful. At present, B.Duck is positioned in the international mid-to-high-end consumer market. From design to products, it runs through the trendy, young and cool Be Playful brand concept. Its products cover home furnishing, bathroom, digital, electronic accessories, baby, travel , packaging, stationery and other more than 20 categories, has a mature supply chain of its own brand products, and has forged a strong advantage in product IP, and its achievements are inseparable from B.Duck’s corporate culture.

Along the way, B.Duck conveys the life attitude of “Be Playful” to the public. It is the representative of China’s original IP. The seasons change, spring will come again, flowers are still blooming, B.Duck is always on the road!

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