B.DUCK Children’s Insulation Cup

B.DUCK Children's Insulation Cup

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When Face meets Hong Kong B.duck (little yellow duck), its unique and textured design combines with the characters in childhood memories, making real life meet fairy tale dreams, and the crossover has become different from then on. We always adhere to the consistent philosophy “Face set sail for the dream!

B.DUCK Children's Insulation Cup

Upgrade 316 mirror spin thin liner
The spin-thin process makes the liner brighter than the ordinary 316 mirror

It is more expensive to upgrade the 3D three-dimensional embossed pattern
Cartoon pattern, bright colors, environmental protection and health

Copper-plated heat preservation technology on the outer wall of the inner tank
Effectively prevent heat loss and lock the temperature firmly.

Our products are a bit expensive, but every bite is assured!

316 austenitic stainless steel (austenite) is mainly used in the medical field,
Compared with 304 stainless steel, it is lighter, more resistant to oxidation and corrosion,
Better feel and gloss! Can hold milk, juice, etc.

Upgrade the European standard silicone nozzle for three years without replacement

European standard, matte texture, softer, BPA-free,
Safe and odorless, good toughness, resistant to biting,
Oxidation resistance, temperature resistance -20-180 degrees

B.DUCK Children's Insulation Cup


Upgraded 3D three-dimensional suede waterproof cup holder
The suede texture is soft and comfortable, caring for baby’s hands


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