B.Duck back-to-school gift

Young, fashionable, joyful, colorful and playful, have you been tempted by the little yellow duck children’s clothing with this brand style? The new semester is about to start, how to choose a new equipment to make yourself the brightest boy on campus? Little Yellow Duck children’s clothing is the first choice! 

This world-renowned big-name children’s clothing with beautiful and legendary colors is inspired by the “Duckling Rafting Incident” in the 1990s. It has been established for many years and has followed the fashion trend, bringing fashion, joy, fun and fun to life. The elements of the brand have been promoted to all over the world, and its cute, dexterous, and colorful images are deeply loved by fashion people. After entering the new century, it was introduced by Fujian Lixun Group Co., Ltd., forming a full ecological chain industrial chain such as children’s shoes, children’s clothing, and accessories.

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 As the start of the new school year approaches, B.Duck has prepared new school equipment for the children. The classic bright yellow all-match T-shirt and black casual slim trousers, with exquisite patterns, loose and comfortable fashion styles, boys and girls, become campus The brightest boy.

B.Duck back-to-school gift

 It is worthy of the design of big-name children’s clothing, high-grade fabrics, simple and cute patterns, this white cotton wool T-shirt instantly becomes lively, the cute little yellow duck with its mouth teasing, becomes an interesting playmate for children, and accompanies them in their happy life study.

B.Duck back-to-school gift

 Unknowingly, there is only one tail left in summer, and the coolness of autumn is more in the morning and evening. Fortunately, the little yellow duck sent warmth, soft and comfortable hooded sweater, interesting patterns, with the little yellow duck, you are destined not to be alone.


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